About LightWave 3D Avenue


My name is Salvatore Coco. I am the founder of Coco Digital Animations, C4D Avenue Switzerland and LightWave3D Avenue . With 3D I started in 1998 with Bryce 2 At that time, I created 3D models with more than 7,000 individual objects. At that time, no polygon modeling. Two years later, I upgraded to Bryce 4. By the time I realized that my visions could not be realized with Bryce and I decided to buy a new 3D software. Very quickly the decision was made for Maxon Cinema 4D. From that time on I worked with Maxon Cinema 4D Studio. Today I work daily with Maxon Cinema 4D. So why LightWave 3D? Well, I followed LightWave 3D for the last years and I think that the development of LightWave 3D will go on in the next years, so I decided to buy LightWave 11.6 and started to learn a new 3D Software.